Polystyrene (PS) Sheet — also named as "organic board"

Waterproof. Chemical resistance. Easy to process.

Shine Polystyrene (PS) Sheet is made by 100% new Polystyrene material, is extruded thermoplastic. Widely used for decoration, partitions, photo frames, etc.

PS sheet (1)

Polystyrene (PS) Sheet Specification:

  • ThicknessRanges: 0.8mm~12mm
  • Width:Max width 1280mm
  • Length Limitation: 8,000mm 
  • Colors: Clear, White, Black, Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple… Any colors can be produced.
  • Kinds of standard size:
  •   (1) 915mm*1830mm (3ft*6ft)
  •   (2) 1220mm*1830mm (4ft*6ft)
  •   (3) 1220mm*2440mm (4ft*8ft)
  •   (4) 1220* 3050mm
  •   (5) 1560*3050mm
  •   (6) 2050*3050mm
  • * Custom sizes are available, can also be cut into different sizes according to customers requirement.

Polystyrene (PS) Sheet Features:

  • Light weight: density 1.05g/cm3;
  • Transparency: Perfect transparency, light transmittance with 89%;
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Easy to process. Good mechanical performance,can cut, sawed drilled and vacuum-formed.

Polystyrene (PS) Sheet Applications:

  • – Advertising application. Printing & engraving material. Exhibition display engineering, display rack, advertising billboard, dust-proof board, decoration, etc.
  • – Architectural application. Telephone booths, showcases, lighting hoods, soundproof doors and windows, etc.
  • – Industrial application. Instrument surface boards and protective covers, hotels, stadiums, public facilities, etc.
  • – Light application. Fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lampshades, etc.
  • – Medical application. Such as baby incubators, various surgical medical instruments, and civilian medical treatment.
  • – Others: Bathroom sliding door, cosmetics, aquariums, handicrafts, brackets, etc.

Polystyrene (PS) Sheet Packing & Loading to container

Polystyrene sheet packing
PS sheet (6)
acrylic and ps sheet loading (20)