What is the advantage of PP corrugated plastic rolls to use as Floor protection?

Corrugated plastic sheet / rolls for floor protection when construction or refurbishment, can help to protect the floor, carpets or other surface clean and away from damage.

As the Twinwall Fluted Polypropylene is in double layer, it has perfect cushioning effect to use as protection sheet. And the Polypropylene material is chemical and water resistance. Can be cut easily by an utility knife, easily to fit the space size. This is an ideal material for the protection application.

The floor protection corrugated plastic is costly, effective, and reusable. Also used to protect the windows, wall and furniture.

Especially the PP corrugated plastic rolls is more convenient to use as floor protection, for its unlimited length. Certainly, you can also choose the PP corrugated plastic sheets instead of the rolls, which standard size usually 1220x2440mm. Thickness flexible ranges from 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3mm or 4mm.

We Shine Industrial has much experience in producing and distributing the corrugated plastic protection sheet, can help you recommend the most suitable thickness and density. Can help you save the cost, and get the most value.



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